Ideas to recycle containers and decorate your home

Ideas to recycle containers and decorate your home

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Don't throw it away ... recycle it! Discover here what new and precious uses you can give to the bottles, jars and cans that we spend daily in our homes. Beautiful ideas to show off flowers, light corners with candles and even to organize your desk. They are DIY crafts and ideas to create a sustainable decoration in your home.

Advertising - Continue reading below 1 Transform cans into pots.

Remove the labels by soaking them in hot water. Once they are clean, apply primer for hard to adhere surfaces, since aluminum is very slippery. When dry, paint the can with synthetic enamel in the color you prefer. If you want to combine several shades, delimit the stripes with painter's tape, apply a color and only when it is very dry, paint the other. Do not forget to make a hole in the base to drain the water.

2 Take advantage of large glass jars to make a candlestick.

Insert a candle inside and secure it with boulders.

3 Make some original card holders with soda and liquor bottles.

Fill them with sand, pebbles or colored beads and place the wire so that it protrudes. Spiral it to hold cards and postcards well.

4 Make your own oils and aromatic vinegars.

Take a nice bottle and close it with a measuring cap. Another option is to place a cork attached with sealing wax to a rope tied to the neck of the bottle; That way you won't get lost every time you open it. If you want, put a label that indicates the date of preparation. Dispensers, of Balda.

5 Give new use to infant or cocoa porridge containers.

You can store cooking ingredients in them or use them as a support to have the most used utensils on hand. Remove all labels, apply a primer for hard to adhere surfaces and, once dry, paint the can. To draw the letters, it is best to use a template. If you want to achieve this slightly rustic finish, decide on matt enamel. Cloths and utensils, from Balda.

6 Organize threads and buttons by sorting them into jars.

Paint the covers and paste on them a sample of what you keep to locate it at a glance.

7 Take advantage of canned cans to make pencil holders.

With thin steel tips, an aluminum plate is attached to the wall - it is ordered in hardware stores - and glued the cans on it. Use those that have an easy open ring so that the edges do not cut.

8 Get an intimate light with jars of yogurt and candles.

Get paints for light bulbs and mix them until you achieve the color you want. Paint the jars inside with uneven brushstrokes. If you make a handle with wire, you can hang them outside.