Ideas and advice that give color, joy and style to the exterior of your home

Ideas and advice that give color, joy and style to the exterior of your home

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1. Respect the nap time

Enjoy the shadow of a fence and the freshness of the plants to rest the food. A fluffy sunbed will suffice for this moment of great tranquility.

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2. Mix natural fibers

Bamboo, wicker, banana fiber ..., dare to combine them of different color and texture in the garden; accompanied by plants and candles will be spectacular.

Everything from Bloomingville.

3. Get a nice porch to share

Wrought iron furniture, even with the rust that usually look after winter, is one of the best choices for outdoor environments. Its greatest asset is the possibility of combining colors and designs with marble being the quintessential material that best complements it.

On this porch of such a Mediterranean air he opted for it, completing it with fluffy Provencal style pillows. What is perfect?

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4. Become yourself your little vergel

The idea of ​​combining pots of different size, color and material helps create a fun and informal corner, perfect for the garden.

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5. Enjoy meals with etraditional song

When choosing furniture for your patio, the first step is to define the style taking into account the materials. For example, if we have stone walls and floors, the ideal is to opt for traditional wooden and wicker furniture, iron and glass lanterns and clay pots.

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6. Don't miss a sunny day

For terraces or small gardens, it is best to opt for folding furniture, such as the chair
model Bahamas, From home. Waterproof fabric and available in three colors.

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