A room with a cradle decorated in white, bright and with details to copy

A room with a cradle decorated in white, bright and with details to copy

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We speak with blogger Sonia Escribano

Natural fiber poufs Patricia Gallego

A comfortable armchair next to the crib is essential to take the shots, accompany the baby or read a story. The stars are very present in the decoration: from different materials and located in different places, they create a chimeric environment. Wing armchair in gray Strandmon, from Ikea.

In order for parents to be comfortable sharing those special moments with their baby, some poufs were arranged that provide warmth and alternate with the armchair to sit or rest in them. Model natural fiber poufs Alsera, from Ikea.

Evolutionary and custom cradle Patricia Gallego

Sonia chose a functional and versatile crib model, which will eventually become a bed, and Martina can use it up to 3 years. The lower handles, in principle of colors, were replaced by others in a natural tone. On the wall stand flag garlands, memories of two special weddings. Cradle Gonatt, from Ikea. Cot handles, from Zara Home. Handmade mobile, Esepebabies.


Passionate about decoration, Sonia is director of interior design at Vesta Proyectos, an advisory study to reform houses with fresh and useful ideas; She is also an entrepreneur and in her decoration blog, El Rincón de Sonia, we discover trends, proposals and inspirations through dream homes, practical tricks, visits to exhibitions ...

And, as if that were not enough, Sonia is now the mother of the beautiful Martina, a new facet in her life to the
He faces with the same passion.
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Furniture with a view to the future Patricia Gallego

A chest of drawers is practical since it allows, now and then, to keep your clothes in order and use it as a changing table. On the wall, shelves in white and wood. Comfortable Hemnes, from Ikea.

Custom designs Patricia Gallego

Martina's room also features items handmade made by the grandmother, like the embroidered cushion with her name. Cushion patchwork and bag of clothes, of Texture. On the wall, motivational picture You can fly and you know it, by Lucia Be.

With good star Patricia Gallego

For the bedding, soft touch materials in pink tones were chosen, such as the crib comforter and the cushion with stars, of Texture.

Different storage options Patricia Gallego

In front of the entrance, a built-in wardrobe for when Martina is older. Following him, a bookstore was set up that houses his first stories, stuffed animals and decorative objects. Shelving Kallax, from Ikea. On it, sheets with message, from El Chico Llama, acquired at the Central Design Market in Madrid.

In addition to a seat, this toy store allows you to store inside. Sonia laid a thin mat on the surface, which she customized with a linen cloth. Bank Stuva, from Ikea. In the basket, cushion of stars and pink blankets, of Texture.

With cot, chest of drawers and multiple storage areas Infographic

Sonia made Martina's room simple, practical and with fun details. To do this, he gave priority to the rest area and to order solutions.

Next to the door, a chest of drawers with 8 drawers stores Martina's clothes and, in addition, sheets, towels, diapers, creams, cologne ... Part of its surface is used as a changing table.

2. REST AREA. In the corner, near the window, the cradle was set up which, being evolutionary, will become Martina's first bed when she grows up a little. Beside him, an armchair, so that mom and dad are comfortable giving him the bottle, reading a story or simply keeping him company.

3. SPACE TO SAVE. To the left of the crib, a large storage area formed by a toy bench, a bookcase and the closet closet was arranged. The center was cleared for the first crawls.