Did you just become independent? 10 tips that will save you from disaster

Did you just become independent? 10 tips that will save you from disaster

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We know, the feeling of freedom that independence offers you is unmatched, but living alone is not as fantastic as they paint it, since it requires a lot of self-discipline. And to get it, nothing better than these tips!

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It seems basic, but many people forget it completely, and the aspect is important, especially in the workplace. Imagine what impression you would give in a job interview if you arrive with a wrinkled shirt like an accordion. And yes, it is lazy and it is a most tedious task, but we assure you that it gives good results.

Put the washing machine intelligently

In case you did not know, the electricity consumption depends a lot on the time you use the devices. That's why it is better to put the washing machine in the morning or late at night. It is also important that you organize yourself well so as not to have several appliances working at the same time, since this way you can save even more. And remember that the washing machine has to be full enough not to waste water and money!

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Change the towels

Sometimes we do not think about the amount of bacteria that can accumulate wet towels, but do not panic, the smell is the unequivocal signal that will help you find out if it is time to put clean towels.

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Do not escape from the weekly cleaning

If you don't want to start rolling desert balls around your house, be responsible and set one day a week to do general cleaning. Your lungs will thank you! And you know, to be complete, in addition to cleaning the dust and sweeping, do not forget to disinfect the bathrooms and pass the mop. You will notice the change, promised.

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Invest in quality food

Maybe your mother told you that: "in food you don't save". And it is absolutely right in the world, because investing in quality food will help you have iron health, so you know, less processed and more fruit! In addition, it is much cheaper.

Kitchen for several days

Do you remember your grandmother cooking lentils as if there was no tomorrow? Well, I was smarter than you thought, and there is nothing more comfortable than getting home and having the food ready. Now that we are in autumn, legumes are a great option to fill you with energy and better fight the cold.

Blessed tuppers

Something you should have in your new kitchen, yes or yes, is a regiment of tuppers (well, with three to begin with, it may be fine), since they are the best (and cheapest) way to preserve food, such as sausage or That tortilla so rich that you are not going to end up in one day Of course, when you choose the model make sure that everyone is equal, because that way they will fit perfectly in the closet and you will save space.

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Use the freezer

And no, not only to store pizzas and ice cream (but also). The freezer will help you save and not waste your food, so it is good that you always have freezer bags on hand. Think about those croquettes of your grandmother that you like so much ... can you imagine enjoying them whenever you feel like it?

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Decorate with plants

Come, forget laziness and go out and buy some seedlings to bring your home to life. Succulents are pretty, cheap and terribly easy to maintain. You have no excuse! So when your parents go to visit they will be pleasantly surprised ...

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Write down your expenses

Last but not least, do not forget to keep track of your expenses, because you can take a scare at the end of the month! This way you will know how much you spend on each thing, and if you have to cut back on this or that. Infallible!

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