A centenary restaurant converted into a home

A centenary restaurant converted into a home

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"I've been having dinner at your house" is one of the phrases that Pepa, the owner of this house, says hears more. The reason? "The customers of three well-known Valencian restaurants have passed through these walls," he explains. "We acquire A centenary restaurant in the center and we rehabilitate it as a home. Its first owners owned the land that today occupies the iconic Mercado de Abastos, which they donated to the city council. "With such an interesting history, the rehabilitation should be as respectful as possible: original elements such as hydraulic floors have been preserved. the wooden beams, the brick walls and the structure, with very high ceilings that reach 5 meters at some points.

The more than 200 square meters of this house are distributed in a spacious living room with kitchenette, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and an interior patio on the ground floor, and, on the upper level, the master bedroom with dressing room, attic roof and bathroom in suite room, with private terrace. "Everyone who comes home tells us it's very special," says Pepa. You can check it by browsing it in the photo gallery that precedes these lines.

Advertising - Keep reading below Faithful Reflection

This house was for more than a century a restaurant. After a rehabilitation today is a home.

Entry Details of the entry

A wooden furniture contrasts with the brick wall seen.

Faithful reflex

During the rehabilitation the original elements were respected.


On the ground floor we find the office.

Starring role

A paper of flowers covers the walls.

Work table

Desk detail

Living room

At the entrance of the room we receive a bargueño.

Living room

Space View

Look up

The vaulted ceilings with the wooden beams have been maintained.


Next to the entrance door we find a wooden clock.

Dining area Wood

Wooden furniture is similar to the carpentry used in the windows.

Open mint

It has opted for a kitchen integrated into the living room.

Good support

A brick pillar has been used as a support for kitchen utensils.


Industrial style pendant lamps illuminate the kitchen work area.

White kitchen cabinets Zig Zag

The kitchen has a somewhat capricious form.

Open storage

Open, closed and glass storage for the kitchen.


View of the inner courtyard of the ground floor.

Hall Roof detail Brick seen in the hall Guest toilet Plinth

Half of the wall has been covered with tiles to protect it from water


With wooden footprint and tile front.

Dressing room

A dressing area has been installed next to the stairs


View of the walk-in closets.

All in order

The inside of the shoe closet.

Stairway View Bedroom entrance

On the upper floor we find in the master bedroom.

Hollow tapped

A hole in the wall has been used as a small bookcase.

Romantic inspiration

Canopy bed and curtains.

Wood roof

In some parts of the house the ceiling reaches five meters.


The delicacy of the bed is the perfect counterpoint to the wooden ceiling.

Get comfortable

A dresser next to the bed is the perfect extra support.

Dressing table

The dressing area, next to the bed.

At his feet

A corner of reading.

Main bathroom

View of the bedroom suite bathroom.

Thousand colors

The coatings are of various colors.