A flat with casual character

A flat with casual character

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The perfect relationship between the house and the exterior was the starting point for the organization and decoration of this under Barcelona. The interior designer Mireia Pla, from Vuong studio, This is how he conceived it in this unique house, where the search for light became an absolute priority. Such an objective was achieved through installation of fixed glass, large sliding doors, which close the outdoor environments, and three broad skylights made on the roof of the kitchen, which provide clarity to both this space and the living area.

Highlights the loft distribution, with the bathroom as the only independent space, and an interesting game of heights that guarantees a certain intimacy in some areas without losing the essence of freedom and the positive energy transmitted by the open spaces. The outdoor patio, conceived as an outdoor living area, it is the source of these good vibrations; Its chill out spirit, informal and fun, is born in this space, sneaks into the house and is transmitted to the rest of the decoration. There white walls and natural beech wood floors welcome a unique and very personal interior design.

It should be noted the high height of the original roofs of the house, which allowed to play with different levels without doubling the floor. Instead of this a loft was created, with a structure similar to a cube with the lacquered front, which houses the bedroom inside. This space, decorated in white and with purple touches, reaches a greater degree of sophistication, but without abandoning the informal tone of the rest of the house. In addition, profiting the meters upwards allowed to create a lower level - located just below the bedroom cube - where a guest room has been organized.

The bathroom is the only area of ​​the house independent through a sliding door. Its surface, somewhat reduced, was used to the maximum thanks to a large capacity furniture and a generous work shower on whose wall a row of pave glass was installed to allow the free circulation of light to other environments.

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The outdoor area, conceived as a chill out, was raised on a platform in polished microcement where the work sofa sits. Klim carpet and fiber poufs, from Ikea. Coffee table and cushions, by Filocolore. White painted iron chairs by Luzio.

Outdoor dining room

Following the seating area in the courtyard, and in the purest oriental style, a dining room equipped with a table and benches imported from Bali was organized.

A very unique room

Natural materials, such as skin, untreated wood or vegetable fiber are the protagonists in the living room, even the natural beech platform provides heat. In contrast, white triumphs in walls, textiles and part of the furniture. Sofa, Ascension Latorre. Cushions, by Lu-Ink. Rocking chair by Ikea. Coffee tables designed by the interior designer. Picture, by Rosa Roca. Carpet acquired in Argentina.

Gathering Zone

The gathering space is a living environment where eclecticism is breathed. It is composed of a vintage air sofa, in golden green velvet, a few country-side log tables, a retro flexo and a naive box that stands out from the rest of the styles. Ascension sofa Latorre. Coffee tables designed by the decorator. Cushions, by Lu-Ink. Picture, by Rosa Roca.

A dining room with exclusive touches

The design breaks into the dining room with the chairs of the Plastic Chair family, by Charles Eames; a contrast that favors the general balance and enriches the presence of other styles. The dining table, designed by Mireia Pla, is solid white lacquered wood. Ceiling lamp, from DK Home. Palm-shaped steel photo frame, from Vinçon. Picture, for sale in Cado.

The kitchen connects with the patio

The correct choice of enclosures was key to achieve the feeling of unity between interior and exterior. The transparency of the sliding doors also allows light to flow and also circulate through the large skylights in the kitchen. The result: a feeling of unmatched breadth.

A functional kitchen

Kitchen furniture, from Ikea. Teak table designed by Mireia Pla.

The loft

The high ceilings helped to alleviate the lack of meters by an elevated structure, lacquered in white just like the walls, where the bedroom was located.

Seating area

Under the loft a more intimate seating area was created, with a wall covered by a collage of wallpapers; Original ideas to create very special spaces. Tatami, for sale in Futon Espai. Cushions, from the firm Natura Casa.

Stylish master bedroom

The coquetry that distills the bedroom is fantastic; with a simple white decorative base, which enhances the presence of such striking pieces as the headboard, the lamp on the table or the table in XL format. The headboard, with purple capitoné upholstery, is a design by Mireia Pla. Bedding and cushions, from Filocolore. Boxes under the bed, by Ikea. Maxi canvas, by Eurocuadro.

Details that decorate

The recovery of some furniture that now looks new finishes, plus the presence of very sophisticated pieces create unique corners, which are worth highlighting. The bedside table was restored by the decorator. Lamp, from Casa Bella Collection. Wall Lamp, from Cottage. Bedding, from Filocolore.


The sobriety and its good organization define the bathroom, small but very well equipped. It stands out the furniture run with the basins, of little depth, but that reaches almost to the floor to offer greater capacity. Roca sanitary ware. The furniture is a design of the interior designer.