The battle against difficult stains

The battle against difficult stains

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We know. It is beautiful to see how children have fun exploring and playing ... but it is not so much when washing clothes with which they went on an exploration when you find the greatest resistance in the world by certain stains. If terror invades you every time children start a new adventure, we help you with these tricks to make your homework a little easier. Some of the most difficult, such as glue stains or markers, also have a solution. Pay attention to these tricks.

1. With the most rebellious stains, a good trick will be introduce previously in cold water. This way the spots will soften and it will be easier to remove them later.

2. Pre-wash with products with active oxygen, by hand. You will help to penetrate the stain in depth, favoring that after washing, it is more easily removed.

3. Gumballs in the area? Rub previously the area where it is stuck with an ice and when it hardens, use a spatula to remove it. Then wash in the washing machine as usual.

4. Mixtures of water and ammonia they will help you solve problems such as those that arise when they appear Chocolate stains

5. If the glue It has made its appearance, that does not panic: a layer of nail polish remover on top and then wash after usual.

6. In the same way you can do with the marker stains and school paint. Previously, introduce the garment in cold water. Leave it one night and after that time, apply some nail polish remover. Wash after usual. If it still persists, you can opt for the trick of immersion of the garment in a pot with hot water.

You will win, sure.