Pure trend: Create a romantic atmosphere on your terrace or balcony

Pure trend: Create a romantic atmosphere on your terrace or balcony

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Matteo Manduzio / Living4Media / Gtres

In code out & cool

Decorate with the trendy tone: the pink millennial, also called pink scandi, powdered, which is so easy to combine. Did you know that this tone is associated with happiness and well-being? There is even some study that says it reduces stress and anxiety.

Add freshness and color with potted flowers. Search in the nursery: petunias, verbenas, begonias semperflorens, geraniums, gypsies, surfinias, carnations, asters ... They will gain charm if they have a braided flower pot cover, but if their color does not integrate into the decoration, apply to the chalk-paint paint fiber to Outside and change your tone!

The inspiration is the styles country in its most refined version and shabby. Show evocative pieces, such as a tray, a couple of candlesticks, a vintage aesthetic watering can, a wooden fruit box with patina, a poster or an ad with creative typography, an old siphon ...

Advertising - Keep reading under Happy time Matteo Manduzio / Living4Media / Gtres

In an outdoor corner, every color detail adds that festive air that makes the day. The mini paper umbrellas will be your allies to give cocktails, desserts, ice cream and sorbets that bit of happiness. And if you are looking for perfection, the icing can be the tiny redcurrant berries, which will make them a gourmet delight. Similar umbrellas, in

Turn to pink Matteo Manduzio / Living4Media / Gtres

The look Romantic of this balcony is achieved with the brushstrokes in pink of different intensity. Get inspired by it to create an ideal corner.

Its deco keys: seasonal flowers in baskets hanging from the railing or flower pots on the ground - you can always raise them by placing another inverted pot - charming utensils, floral textiles with British accent and vintage & chic furniture. Glass fountain with lid, from Ikea (9.99).

Ideas handmade
Encourage decoration with textiles printed with roses from the English countryside - the signatures Cath Kidston and Greengate have them - and make pennants, garlands, bottle covers with them
of soda or potting… Choose the utensils in a range of color to match.

Motif Mix Matteo Manduzio / Living4Media / Gtres

Any exterior dotted with multiple mini-scale prints is filled with freshness and good vibes. Choose a dominant color - here is pink - and combine it with bursts of other summer tones. Light blue, mint green and lemon yellow, although coral and turquoise will also serve to boost the decoration. Search the collection Mynte, by IB Laursen, with utensils and jugs similar to those in the photo.

Cushions made with different fabrics on each side triumph for their versatility; with just flipping them, the space renews its look. Try customizing the ones you already have sewing embroidered applications, Liberty flower fabrics, polka dots, vichy squares, Paisley print ...

Dose of charm

You saw the balcony door with a light and steamy curtain. With a gentle breeze it will come alive and, if as here, you undo the hem and cut it into strips, it will be even lighter and give the space a more romantic and delicate air.

Options: cotton, linen, polyester or blend gauze, because with their transparencies they bring light to the interior. Ready-made curtains, ready to hang, at La Redoute Interieurs, Leroy Merlin and Zara Home.

Fusion of styles Matteo Manduzio / Living4Media / Gtres

Yesterday's furniture is combined with more current designs to create a cozy and functional staging. Outside, good design and durability are safe bets. Next to the white slat bench - a classic outdoor - Montmartre side table, from Fermob; Available in more than twenty colors.

Focal point
White remains among the favorites in exterior decoration for its luminosity and the lighter appearance it gives to the furniture. However, if you enter a color with character in an auxiliary piece - such as red here - or in textiles and deco details, the space gains visual interest.

Time to cool off

The creativity of this shower corner, with the pink shower scandi As an ally against heat, it is indisputable. What would you do to refresh yourself? If you prefer to leave this type of experiments to others with an inventor's soul, at Bauhaus and Leroy Merlin they have portable showers to connect to the hose. Watering can, from Haws. You will find zinc barreños, in several sizes, in Barreñ