The house of interior designer Miriam Alía

The house of interior designer Miriam Alía

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The interior designer Miriam Alía, from the Living Pink studio of interior design and design, applied his professional experience in his own home. The house belonged to a old building, with high ceilings topped in moldings and windows that filled every room with light. Miriam took advantage of that luminosity and empowered her by painting the white walls. For the floor he chose a stained oak flooring in wenge finish, from the firm Parquets Marty, which recovered that stately air of the past.
The contrast between light walls and the dark floor created a framework of serene balance that gives all the decorative prominence to the pieces of furniture. The spectacular coffee and dining tables, designed by Living Pink, or the bold selection of tvelvety in bold tones to upholster the chairs, stand out on a sober background that, in the background, enhances silhouettes and colors. However, that discretion of the coverings is reversed in the most intimate rooms of the house. In the kitchen, the dressing room and guest bathroom, the wallpapers they transform the walls into active elements of the decoration.
These are designs with large prints. The reason: unlike spaces with white and smooth walls, XXL motifs create a surround environment in which it is easy to feel clothed and secure. In them, however, the decorative criteria should be the opposite of those used in the living room and dining room to avoid saturation of elements. Hence the kitchen cabinets, the composition of drawers and shelves in the dressing room or the bathroom furniture were chosen with simple lines, always in white.
Thanks to the neatness and linearity of these furniture, Miriam Alía introduced a decorative license without fear of overloading the environments. Is about ceiling lamps which, by design, are usually located in the living room: an author's work signed by Patricia Urquiola surprises in the kitchen; A pair of ethnic air screens, from Antennae, add a cosmopolitan touch to the guest toilet; and the chandelier offers a sumptuous image of the main bathroom. A bold concept that breaks boundaries and opens new decorative perspectives.

Advertising - Keep reading below A very personal decoration

The key pieces of the living room - the corner sofas, the coffee table and the lacquered iron lattice exposed as if it were a painting - were designed by Miriam Alía, owner of the house and partner of the Living Pink studio, of interior design and design. Sofas upholstered with Güell Lamadrid signature fabric. Anmoder side table. Murano glass table lamp, acquired in El Ocho. Carpet model Kilate, of the firm KP. The ceiling lamp is of family heritage.

Next to the living room window

Two benches that are used as auxiliary seats were placed. The introduction of pieces purchased in antique dealers or legacy brings history to a young and current home. The setbacks on both sides of the window were used to place two radiators and light shelves to the ceiling. Antique benches, Tribecca Concept, upholstered with a velvet of Gastón and Daniela. Floor lamp, Light Years. Lanterns, tree and Christmas decorations, Los Peñotes.

Blank room

How is it possible that a mostly decorated environment in white is not flat? The table - with a lacquered wood base and an inverted U-shaped glass structure - adds volume in the center of the room; the lattice brings depth to the wall; Finally, the glass lamp directs our attention to the ceiling. Coral by Anmoder

Sensitivity to skin flower

The serenity of the white color in the room was nuanced with complements in warm textures, which invite you to snuggle between caressing velvets and enveloping silks. Cushions: rectangular and square, by Living Pink, made with Indietro fabrics; Heart-shaped, from Los Peñotes. The plaid is from Zara Home.

Vitamin colors in the dining room

The painting, a Miriam Alía design based on crystal circles in bright tones, enhances the prominence of the chairs, upholstered to match. The table, with steel structure and glass board, is a design by Living Pink. Blanc Divoire mirror and chairs, upholstered with velvets from Casa & Jardín. Apollo Apollo, by Pujol Iluminación.

The dining room table in detail

Candles, from Los Peñotes; Cups and napkins are sold in Zara.

A garden in the kitchen

The Silestone countertop was extended in the window area to create a breakfast bar with a couple of stools. The paper stamped with flowers XXL that covers the wall as well as the delicate ceiling lamp give intimacy to this cozy corner. Paper, by Designers Guild. Stools, from La Oca. The lamp is a design by Patricia Urquiola and Eliana Gerotto, for sale in Light Years.

In this kitchen you can breathe cleanliness

The furniture with white doors integrates the extractor hood and gives a sense of hygiene. The smooth fronts, which almost simulate a continuous wall, convey a message: fat accumulation is difficult in this kitchen. Furniture, by Aries Kitchens. Grifo, from Grindoías Galindo. The rabbit, a design by Paul Smith, was bought in London.

A bedroom that adapts to space

In the rest area, the bed was flanked with two lacquered wooden tables designed by Living Pink. Its orientation allows access to the content of what is stored in them with all comfort and makes the space between the bed and the walls profitable. SCV table lamps. The cushions are from Zara.

A dressing room with feminine essence

The dressing room combines shelves, a hanging bar and drawers to store different clothes and accessories. The paper lining the wall extends behind this composition and integrates it into a charming space where coquetry is enjoyed.

The guest bathroom

The furniture designed by Living Pink with a mirror structure, the paper and the built-in, invisible cistern, resemble it more like a romantic dressing table than a toilet area. Role of the dressing room by Designers Guild.

Main bathroom

The sink stood at the end. Thus a continuous countertop is available, with plenty of space to enjoy during the application of cosmetics. The mirror, from wall to wall and without frame, duplicates the feeling of spaciousness in a bathroom that, thanks to the lamp and the curtains that dress the window, transforms hygiene and grooming into a romantic ritual of beauty. Lamp, acquired in Abaka.

Plane and decorative ideas

- The use of designs painted with marked and large motifs transforms any room, no matter how functional it is - kitchen, bathroom or dressing room - in an environment with personality.
- The color of each wallpaper is also key to defining the atmosphere: pistachio green and pink stimulants to wake up with the first morning coffee; ocher that wrap us with its warmth to try a thousand and one clothes in the dressing room without going cold and an elegant gray that transforms the bathroom into an exclusive space.