How to make a lettuce wrap

How to make a lettuce wrap

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Today, the recipe for a healthy and healthy wrap of lettuce, perfect as a quick dish, snack or snack And in summer, even more advisable: we have substituted bread, in any of its varieties, for this vegetable, crispy, juicy and refreshing: more water, less hydrates. Inside, foods that nutritionally complement each other. In this case, we have chosen varied cheeses, tomato and tuna. Easy, light and delicious. Write it down if you are taking care of your diet these days. We tell you step by step.

INGREDIENTS:- 3 tablespoons of coarse grated assorted cheeses.
- 1 tomato diced.
- 1 can of tuna in oil (or natural, if you are controlling calories) well drained and crumbled.
- 1 large lettuce leaf.
- 2 strips of food string.
- 1 tablespoon sweet and sour sauce.

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Place two ropes in parallel on a kitchen table or table.

Put on a leaf of lettuce

Go placing the ingredients in layers, starting with cheese. Then, tomato and finish with tuna.

Roll up carefully the lettuce leaf on itself forming a roll.

Set the roll With the ropes making two ties.

Serve it halved to eat it more easily, accompanied by some bittersweet sauce.

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