A garage converted into a current and Nordic loft

A garage converted into a current and Nordic loft

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Seeing this today loft located in a building of the early twentieth century of Barcelona, It is hard to believe that for years its walls only accommodated cars, model parts and tackle. The study that has achieved this successful reconversion has been SIRËE, with the interior designer Desirée García Paredes at the head of the project, who confesses that when she was offered the possibility of transforming this old garage, she did not hesitate for a moment: "the space was perfect for welcome its dynamic, young and modern owner. " But, although the conditions of this habitat were not compatible with life, its industrial essence had a lot of charm and one of the main objectives was to conserve it.

The place had a peculiar triangular floor of 60m2 that the studio resolved by placing two rooms in the corners: in one, the bathroom and, in the other, a dressing room. The rest of the open space is distributed thanks to a wooden module that also manages to multiply the square meters. Inside is the entrance with a closet to store coats. Just opposite, the kitchen, which retains one of the exposed brick walls and an old work table that was found in the garage. When turning, we see a staircase that contains under it a bookcase and that leads to the upper part where the bedroom is.

To preserve the charm of the past, the materials that have been used during the reform "have been chosen so that any of them could have been used at the time the building was built," Desirée explains. Among them, the hydraulic tile, which defines the kitchen area as a decorative carpet; Macael marble or stripped wood. To unify the spaces, all the walls and ceilings were painted white. The sentimental part is provided by the decoration pieces from the family of the owner that have been combined with many plants to get the gardens that surround the house into it.

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The staircase leading to the upper floor of the module, where the bedroom is located, has been used to place a bookcase facing the living room.

Family memories

Most of the pieces of decoration come from the family of the owner, so in each corner we can notice sentimental touches for her.

It has wood

This wooden module was designed by the DIRËE studio to distribute the space. Under it we can see the entrance with the closet inside.

Join and conquer

The walls and ceilings were painted white to unify the entire space.

Dark past

This 60m2 Barcelona loft was for decades a garage. Today is an open, modern and very cozy home.


Upon entering, we see, on the right, a closet to hang coats and store shoes and, in front, the kitchen.


The kitchen island is a work table that was in the old garage and was restored, pickling the wood to give it an old look.

Delimit spaces

In the kitchen, a carpet of hydraulic tiles delimits the space while keeping the concept open.

From another era

Materials that could have been used in the construction of the original building have been used to maintain a dialogue with him, such as Macael marble for the kitchen countertop.

Brick seen

A wall with the original seen brick has been left. Under it is the dressing room, with a half-height wall so as not to lose the breadth of space.

Comfort zone

View of the space shared by the living room and dining room.

Dinning room

The dining room next to a wall to occupy less space.

Take advantage of the height

One of the few walls of the floor is that of the bathroom, which was left at medium height so as not to lose the feeling of spaciousness. On this room, a loft that serves to store.


To make this space, somewhat small, appear larger, a broken blank tile of small format was used.


They have also put some brass touches to create a more careful and personality atmosphere.


On the floor, a hydraulic tile in blue tones and, on the walls, in addition to the white tiles a washable white paint based on vinyl emulsion was used.


The bathroom was located on one of the tips of the triangular floor plan to take advantage of it.


For years, this now loft hosted cars, model parts and tackle.


Although it seemed impossible to turn this garage into a flat, interior designer Desirée García Paredes saw that "the space was perfect to accommodate its dynamic, young and modern owner."


This old table of the image is the one that was restored to use it as an island in the kitchen.


The height of the ceilings was one of the main attractions of this old garage.


This was the bathroom before the reform