Some storage rooms converted into a dream attic

Some storage rooms converted into a dream attic

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An incredible metamorphosis has taken place on the top floor of a renovated building in the Old City of A Coruña. These attic ceilings, which today house an open, functional and very appealing house, used to cover storage rooms. Those responsible for this radical change have been the members of the Unouno study. Eliminating the separations of these storage rooms and redrawing their plant, they managed to create a unique space shared by the living room, the dining room and the kitchen, and a more private area with two bedrooms and a bathroom.

In every corner we find a detail that makes it a very special home. Be it the attic ceilings with skylights that flood all of light or furniture, with friendly lines and textures, not forgetting the wallpapers with black and white vegatal prints or the pieces with history, like the old board found in a carpentry workshop and that still retains traces of paint. Storage space also abounds, with cabinets as they take advantage of the most unexpected corners and that seem to pay a discreet tribute to the previous use of this attic.
Photos: Andrés Irrazábal

Advertising - Keep reading below First impression

The entrance of this penthouse renovated by Unouno studio already puts us on notice of what we will find inside: minimalism, black and white and lots of wood.

To share is to live

The social area has condensed into a single space that contains the dining room, the living room and the kitchen.

Minimalist kitchen

Perfectly adapted to the attic ceilings of this attic.

Divine light

Roof skylights flood every corner of light.

Front view

The space contemplated from the lounge area.


The different materials give character to this space decorated with few colors.

Main bedroom

A wall covered with wallpaper divides the bedroom area from the dressing room.

Great capacity

View of the dressing area.


The blanket brings warmth to the whole.


A suspended console with leather shelves, a hanging round mirror and a sculptural cardboard stool are the elements of this winning combination.


The cabinets provide a metallic touch.

Sleep looking at the stars

The second bedroom

Know how to take advantage

The lower part of the roof was used to place cabinets.

Work and pleasure

The bedroom has a study area.

Marks of the past

The desk is composed of two easels and a wooden plank that was used as a surface for lacquering pieces in a carpentry.