IKEA recipes are easier to understand than furniture instructions

IKEA recipes are easier to understand than furniture instructions

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IKEA is almost as well known for its instructions as for its economic prices, and now the company has decided to transfer its style to the world of recipes. The Canadian branch of the Swedish brand has just partnered with Leo Burnett, a Toronto-based marketing company, to create Cook This Page, which comes to be a simile of the famous furniture instructions but in recipe format.

Printed on paper that uses food safety ink, each of them has the outline that indicates the exact amount of the ingredients to be used. All you have to do is fill in the lines, roll up the parchment and put it in the oven. Simple, right?

For now, the company has several recipes that include ravioli with Swedish meatballs, salmon with lemon and herbs, and prawns with tomatoes and olives.

Images: IKEA

But until this fantastic idea reaches the shelves of the nearest IKEA, we just have to wait and heat the oven. Hopefully soon.

Via: House Beautiful US


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