15 dream extractor hoods

15 dream extractor hoods

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In recent years the extractor hoods have gone from being a totally unsightly element to becoming authentic works of art, why not? After all, they constitute an important part of the kitchen. That is why today you can find them in all sizes, shapes, colors and materials. And you don't even have to spend a fortune to get a bell that fits your tastes. Here are several ideas for you to reinvent your kitchen, enjoy the show!

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Have you ever seen a more striking extractor hood? This has been designed by the team of DDG.

Wooden deck

You would never guess that under this wooden deck there is an Ikea extractor.

Pinterest: Max Kim-Bee

Bet on copper

It is clear that we love copper. Copper in the sinks of the cottages, in the centerpieces, and now in this wonderful extractor hood.

Photo: Jean Allsopp; Design: Joanna Goodman for Christopher Architecture & Interiors

Materials mix

The metallic touches of this extractor hood intermingle with the wooden edges, giving the kitchen a fresh look.

Pinterest: Victoria Pearson

Kitchen toy

Have you ever seen a kitchen as adorable as this?

Photo: Mark Lohman; Design: Alison Kandler

Between gold and mint

The touches in gold and mint color of this bell manage to balance the dark tone of the oven.

Pinterest: Emily Gilbert

A very rustic kitchen

Another wonderful kitchen designed by Jenna Sue Design.

White and gold

The perfect complement to a monochrome kitchen is this bell with golden touches.

Pinterest: Holly everett

Metal among flowers

This metal hood creates the perfect contrast in a kitchen full of floral details.

Pinterest: Natalie

Worn copper

Do you know what is the advantage of having a copper bell? That looks even better as the years go by.

Take a look at Roman & Williams

Hayes Davidson via JDS Development

Hidden bell

If it weren't for the rustic-style panel, you wouldn't know that there's an extractor hood underneath.

Instagram: Becki Owens

A touch of elegance

If you are looking for an elegant kitchen, bet on this decorative mold.

Pinterest: Katie Eubank

Between bricks

The wooden and brick construction of this bell creates a most homely feeling.

Pinterest: Kristen Wiseman

Dual function

Take advantage of the space with this bell with clock included.

Pinterest: The Farmhouse Porch

French style

This classic cut kitchen is a safe bet for French style lovers.

Pinterest: Design Chic

Via: Country Living US


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