A flirty house with personality

A flirty house with personality

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So appealing and full of life, this flirtatious living place is found in one of the most traditional neighborhoods in Madrid, La Latina. Located in a protected building of 1878, recently rehabilitated, it is a small treasure that has abundant light thanks to the five windows, all exterior, that surround the facade. Lina Guerrero and Daniel Afonso were in charge of the reform. His goal was to keep some of the original building elements, such as doors and windows, but update the set with impeccable decoration, based on the most attractive trends.

The result is a flat that respects the identity and history of the building and old Madrid, but adapted to modern needs and lifestyle. Hence the interior design is articulated with few pieces, so as not to saturate the 58 square meters that the house has, in two styles: design pieces and others recovered and restored. In the reform, Lina and Daniel wanted to make the space profitable and knocked down two of the partitions that delimited the kitchen and made it independent from the living room. Now, they share luminosity and both rooms are integrated into daily use.

In addition, they created a single bedroom suite with integrated bathroom and a closet front, made to measure. Next to the bedroom, at the bottom of the hallway as accessed on the right, a closet-type closet has been created, which hides the washing machine. Interior design maintains the same line in all environments to create a sense of unity and continuity, an effect in which the coatings participate, white on the walls and wooden herringbone floor, similar to the original. For all this, you want to settle in this floor where past and present coexist in harmony. Undoubtedly, both the reform, which takes advantage of the few meters of the original home, and the successful interior design deserve applause.

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A white space full of clarity, which is reflected in the walls and is enhanced with raw tones and sands that paint everything. The mix of pieces enjoys full success in a style that handles modern lines with subtlety and combines current designs with other more classic strokes without anything strident. Sofa, by Ikea. Carpet, for sale in El Corte Inglés. Type ceiling lamp Chandelier, acquired on a trip. The armchair is inspired by the design Egg and it was bought in Supersrest. Next to the sofa, side table, from BoConcept.

Meeting space

A palette of calm tones gives prominence to the game of textures that defines the room. The conductive thread? A carpet of long hair, the natural fabrics of the upholstery, the wood and some detail finished in leather. Cushions, blanket and basket, from BoConcept. Model coffee tables Eclipse, from Stua, acquired in La Oca. Vases, from Habitat. On the wall, luminous stars, from The Boxroom. Paintings, acquired in La Recova. African feather ornament Juju Hat, from Cameroon, bought at El Rastro in Madrid.

Inner shine

Each of the pieces that decorate this floor seems to have always occupied that place, as if it belonged to it. The accessories reflect the trends of the moment: luminous figures, Nordic-inspired prints on textiles and copper notes. Complements, of Habitat.

Search for naturalness

The chosen color palette enhances the luminosity and creates a calm scene. Armchair, inspired by the model Egg, acquired in Superstudio. Basket, from BoConcept. Carpet, from El Corte Inglés.

Mix without risk

Although of different styles and lines, the combination of pieces is successful. The trick is to choose similar and soft tones. Cushions, from BoConcept. Sofa, by Ikea. Cuadritos, from La Recova. Flexo lamp in black, by Habitat.

Another view of the lounge

A very strong composition, marked by the electric blue of the wall feather ornament. In the reform, the partition that separated the kitchen from the living room was demolished to integrate these two spaces and expand the passage area.

High side table, from BoConcept, and low, from The Interiorlist interior design studio. On the tables, lamp, white box and square vase with plant, Habitat. Tall vase in white, from BoConcept. Wooden arrow with lights, from The boxroom. On the wall, ornament with feathers Juju Hat, bought at El Rastro in Madrid.

The details

A mix of styles and materials very successful and that reflects current trends. Circular feather ornament Juju Hat, from Cameroon, in El Rastro de Madrid. Luminous star, from The boxroom.

Simplicity at its best

The balance between furniture and accessories is perfect. In this image a bare wall is impeccably transformed with two side tables, some green arrangements and a flexo. High table, from BoConcept, and low, from The Interiorlist.

A passing office

And with solera. Both the table and the chairs hide a past, recovered here to witness daily the stories of those who inhabit this house. Two chairs of different colors accompany a French garden table of the early twentieth century; all acquired in El Rastro de Madrid. On the wall, silent witnesses, old advertising posters, bought on a trip to Switzerland. Oil and vinegar, from Maisons du Monde. Tablecloth, from Zara Home.

The retro coexists with the most current.

Well, if they live in this house! In all
the rooms, through designer furniture and other recovered pieces, such as this garden table with the mosaic envelope

A small kitchen

The white color is present in both the furniture and the walls, and contrasts with the high modules, finished in black and with mirror fronts, a very effective deco resource. The same wood that covers the entire house has been kept on the floor. Furniture, by Gunni & Trentino. Wooden tray, from BoConcept.

Kitchen designed to the millimeter

With all the details, but with the meters well present: the cooking zone has a 30 cm wide plate, which leaves more work surface free on the countertop.
Copper pot, table, wooden bowls and colored apron, in Habitat.

The mirror catches the light and expands.

An unusual finish for a kitchen front is used as a resource to reflect the brightness of the house and achieve a feeling of spaciousness.

Unique pieces in the rooms

The bedroom seeks naturalness and comfort. With the precise furniture, the wall paper, geometric motifs and inspiration stands out
50s, like the Danish bedside tables, in rosewood. Paper Hick's Hexagonfrom Cole and Son. Bedside table, acquired in Reno. Table lamp, by Habitat.

Calm environment

The bedroom is composed of pieces that create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere, without further ambitions. Neutrals blend with blues with intensity. In front of the bed, a custom closet, made by cabinetmaker Francisco Martínez Sevilla. Bedding and cushions, for sale at Zara Home. Headboard made to measure and upholstered in beige velvet. Curtain in blue, from Ikea.

In the bathroom

The appeal, patent on the front of the sink, is in charge of the small deco details. Mirror, by Maisons du Monde. Vases and towels, for sale in Habitat.

Housing plan


- To make the space more profitable, to make the circulation more fluid and avoid compartmentalization, Lina Guerrero and Daniel Afonso dispensed with two of the kitchen partitions. Now it opens to the rest of the house, it gains in natural luminosity and allows to have an office, located in an area of ​​passage.
- With the new layout of the kitchen floor it was necessary that the furniture resolved
Warehouse needs without saturation. The work area has been organized in a single front with low and high modules and then a front where the fridge and pantry are hidden.


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