This family attic has everything you've always dreamed of

This family attic has everything you've always dreamed of

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Vicugo Photo

Normally, when we think about what it would be like to live in an attic, we imagine a tiny space with sloping ceilings. Yes, the same causes of so many unexpected blows to the heads. An attic, and above with south orientation? Don't even think about renting it, I heard my mother say infinitely when I was in search of the perfect home. But, oh friend! If my parent saw this marvel of architecture and interior design now, another rooster would sing ...

Located in a beautiful building in the city of Barcelona, ​​this penthouse raised on two levels, has 500 m2 interiors and another 250 m2 distributed in three generous terraces. A more than enough space to live as kings, don't you think?

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In the hall, the ceiling lamp is the model Italux Maxis from Inspirowane; the wool carpet was purchased in Benuta; and the mirror, model Stabekk, in Maisons du Monde. Vicugo Photo After the sofa decorated with H&M Home cushions in shades and blue prints, a glass wine cellar is available. Vicugo Photo Inside the living room, ceiling lamp model CHandelier Bohemian, from Muranoglass Shop; table lamp, by Kudankadeco; vases, acquired in CFOC; sofa cushions, by Maisons du Monde; wool carpet, from Benuta; and golden coffee table model Classic Gold. Vicugo Photo The picture on the wall, by Reprodart; and the green vases, from Kave Home. Vicugo Photo

Reformed at the hands of Egue and Mushroom, comfort, hedonism and the dimensions of standard American conjugate with a level of detail and European styling that results classic and at the same time contemporary, sophisticated and eclectic; sometimes colonial and masculine, sometimes feminine and Provencal.

A restoration and adaptation project of a house Regia that without renouncing the authentic splendor of its original architectural elements, has managed to incorporate the personality of each of its inhabitants, subtly and always harmoniously thematizing each room based on its use, the hobbies of its future inhabitants, its Routines, your lifestyle and your dreams.

Related content A fresh and current attic The dining table was purchased in Roche-Bobois; and the chairs with beech wood structure, and seat and back upholstered in fabric, are from Vergés. Vicugo Photo The two chandelier-style chandeliers that hang on the dining room table, come from Maisons du Monde. Vicugo Photo The floor is composed of a floating platform with oak finish; and the walls were covered with white plastic paint and moldings of the ORAC brand. Vicugo Photo The central kitchen island is situated on a base of octagonal ceramic tiles of 20x20 cm each, in bright white. In this way, it is visually separated from the rest of the room. Vicugo Photo The leaves of the plants that decorate the environment were acquired in Verdecora; and the vases are from Habitat. Vicugo Photo The wooden worktop completes the natural airs of the kitchen. Vicugo Photo The plants are surrounded by a halo of backlit light that enhances the beauty of their forms. Vicugo Photo In the office, we find again the floors of floating platform with oak finish. On these, a wool rug, from The Rug Shop UK. The retro type armchair, with beech wood structure, is from Vergés; the black leather capitoné office chair, by Crearte Collections; the desk was purchased in Dalma Brown; and the ceiling lamp, designed by Ferruccio Laviani for Kartell, is from Ambiente Ambiente. Vicugo Photo After an intense working day, nothing like going outside to take a breath in a cozy terrace, where the cushions of Kave Home and H&M Home dress the sofa in the company of a blanket with Jacquard fabric. Vicugo Photo The office communicates directly with the bar area. Both environments surprise by their masculine airs, where black takes on special prominence. Vicugo Photo Bar bar stools were purchased at Doméstico Shop; next to it, a geometric carpet model Nile de Leroy Merlin hosts a pair of black armchairs with wooden legs, from Vergés. Vicugo Photo In the center of the set, a chester sofa-bed from Maisons du Monde, gains freshness thanks to the geometric patterned cushions of Kave Home. The large plants that flank it on both sides are from Verdecora; the side table is the model Gubi of Domestic Shop, and the vases belong to H&M Home. Vicugo Photo By combining natural wood with the color black, an intimate and cozy atmosphere is generated, softened by vegetation. The ceiling lamps of the bar are from Leroy Merlin. Vicugo Photo As in all bars, there is also a bathroom here (but this one is much more sophisticated). The walls are covered by ceramic tiles of 20x20 cm in matt black with the beveled edge; on the floor, the tiles are made of black marble imitation porcelain stoneware in the model Marquina. The ceiling lamp that hangs over the wall-mounted porcelain sink Xplicit from Alape, is the model Copper by Tom Dinso for Domestic Shop. Next to it, the black-finished suspended toilet, model Sfera from Catalano. The perfect elements for a bathroom with character. Vicugo Photo

If you have come here without a syncope for how beautiful everything is, wait and see, there is still the other part ...

In the living room for watching television, two three-seater model sofas Callisto from Roche-Bobois, they are dressed with cushions from Maisons du Monde and H&M Home. Vicugo Photo In order to avoid boredom at all costs, the game room includes a pool table from Liberty Games. Vicugo Photo In case there is a fan of retro video games in the house, the lounge also has a custom Rex Arcade game machine. A real relic! Vicugo Photo

Before we mentioned the presence of a gym in the house, and for you to see that we did not lie ... here it is!

All sports equipment was obtained in Decathlon. The chairs, model Copacabana, are from Maisons du Monde; and the set of coffee tables, from Kave Home. Vicugo Photo In the background, a treadmill and an exercise bike are waiting anxiously for someone to start them up. Vicugo Photo

Now we move to the most private area of ​​the entire attic: the bedroom area and children's rooms. Of course, when you see the bathroom of the child, you will curse not having been born in this house (although for this you had to be a centennial In all rules).

Related content Decorate the children's room: fabrics, papers ... The master suite seems taken from a fairy tale. Crowned by a pair of Maisons du Monde chandeliers, the two-color atmosphere brings an aura of irresistible sophistication and elegance. The bed, flanked by two model bedside tables Josephine, by Maisons du Monde, includes a footrest pouf from the same firm. Armchairs with beech wood structure were purchased in Vergés; and the natural banana is from Verdecora. Vicugo Photo Next to the master bedroom, the dressing room Carrie Bradshaw would dream of has her own dressing table. In addition to wall-to-wall cabinets, the area also includes two standing mirrors, and a central sideboard bordered by a cute upholstered bench. Vicugo Photo As in the Palace of Versailles, mirrors double the space, and the symmetry of the environment hypnotizes the look. Vicugo Photo In case the suite and the dressing room did not seem sophisticated enough, here is the bathroom ... On the floor, ceramic tile imitation wood 10x70 cm; and on the walls, ceramic tiles of 20x10 cm in white, with glossy and matt finishes with beveled edges. Vicugo Photo Yes, what you see next to the hot tub is a sauna made by Durán Saunas; and the beautiful radiator that covers the wall, is of the signature Neoceramic. Vicugo Photo Two porcelain sinks from Catalano, rest calmly seasoned by the taps Royal from Bossini-Cristina. Vicugo Photo Here, the sinks seen closely, and the Flos wall sconces. Vicugo Photo At the other end, an improvised garden precedes the entrance to the sauna. Vicugo Photo The bunk of the children's bedroom, Art4kids, is located inside an adorable castle where the towers are storage shelves. Next to it, a beautiful wool rug from Benuta; and on the desk, a pink linen chair, model Louis by Maisons du Monde, and a table lamp by Igan Iluminación. Vicugo Photo Wallpaper selection could not be sweeter. Vicugo Photo The bathroom attached to the children's bedroom is the space we always dreamed of when we were little ... On the right, covered by a screen, an exempt bathtub with legs and faucets finished in gold, Bossini-Cristina. Opposite this, a porcelain basin from Villeroy Boch, located on a countertop. Vicugo Photo Attached to the bathtub, a shower with the same faucet finished in gold from Bossini-Cristina. Covering the walls, some octagonal tiles with a matt white color and pink details. Vicugo Photo The baby's room is as flirtatious and amazing as the children's bedroom, and is inhabited by small animals shaped like a lamp and stuffed animals. The armchair is the model Strandmon from IKEA; the comfortable 85 cm changing table was purchased at Maisons du Monde; and the long-haired carpet is from Benuta. Vicugo Photo Yes, the room also has its own bathroom, decorated with two elegant pedestal porcelain basins from Burlingtone; and faucet with chrome finish from Bossini-Cristina. Vicugo Photo The wall is covered by a supply of imitation wood ceramic tile. Vicugo Photo

Already in the supernatural, we found a bedroom with oriental winks with a decoration that bets on specific color notes.

The original bedside lamps are the model Formakami JH3, from Domestic Shop; and the bed set was bought in Maisons du Monde. Vicugo Photo The style armchair vintage model Kenton, and the cushion with ethnic print, were acquired at Maisons du Monde. Vicugo Photo

Last but not least, the area you were looking forward to seeing ... Indeed, we mean ... the terrace! Are you preparing a cocktail?

Related content Reform of a terrace in Barcelona The synthetic pallet in chocolate color is the perfect base for this rooftop so special. On the right, a four-poster bed in black braided resin, by Maisons du Monde; and on the other side, a beautiful armchair of the same material, also by Maisons du Monde. Vicugo Photo The sun loungers of Maisons du Monde are great to take advantage of the sunny Barcelona, ​​and if you can enjoy it while you drink a refreshing juice prepared at the bar of your own house, the situation could not be more ideal. Vicugo Photo

And colorful, red, this tour ... is over! Isn't it the most incredibly amazing attic you've ever seen? We have no doubt, so we can not help feeling a certain bitter aftertaste, and that is ... who was lucky enough to live in such a place! Snif, snif ... We will continue dreaming ... 😉